Anonymous: Oh, I'm sorry, I meant do you have any advice on making friends in college?

so this has been sitting in my ask box for a while, but I thought I would answer it even though (i hope) most of you have already made friends. An easy way to make friends is to go to various events that are advertised on campus. Make sure it’s something you’ll like so that you can find friends who share the same interests. If that doesn’t work too well for you, try talking to people on your hall. They might be nervous about meeting new people just as much as you are. All of my closest friends here were on my hall last year and I’ve still maintained that bond with all of them. 

sorry anon for the super late reply. if you or anyone else has any more questions about college or life in general, don’t be afraid to ask me! 

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because ur a 15 year old boy


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